About Smoked Salmon


About Smoked Salmon

We source our salmon from local fishermen on the West Coast. Immense care is taken of the fish from the moment it is caught, to the production of the finished smoked salmon to ensure that full justice is done to this magnificent commodity of our natural environment.

Prices must reflect the true value of this resource if it is to be safeguarded whilst still fished. True connoisseurs of this delicacy appreciate this fact and in our experience demonstrate clear understanding of the need to value and protect something so unique.

To find out more about the different species of salmon such as origin, processing, storage and preparation tips, click on the highlighted link below.

Why Choose Cheena Products?


Once hand-filleted, we 'pin bone' the fish removing all traces of bone from the fillet. We then salt the salmon and since each fish will vary in the amount of fat in its flesh, which inhibits salt uptake, they will be brined for different lengths of time, as appropriate. After salting, the fish are "cold smoked", meaning that they are placed on racks in a kiln through which Alder smoke is passed and where the temperature is regulated at between 20 degrees and 28 degrees C. Length of smoking time varies depending on humidity and the size of the fillets, but runs to several hours.

Smoking is one of the oldest methods of preserving fish. Long before there were refrigerators and freezers, our fishing ancestors learned to use a combination of salt and smoke to keep fish from spoiling. Today, smoking is no longer "necessary," but it remains popular for the flavor it gives to fish such as salmon. Smoking methods vary, but all are based on a few common principles. First, the fish is treated with salt, either in the form of a strong brine or a surface coating of dry salt. During this curing stage (which can last for anywhere from a few minutes to many hours depending on the size and density of the fish), a two-way exchange takes place, with much of the moisture drawn out of the fish and some salt soaking in. This combination of reduced moisture and salt inhibits the growth of spoilage bacteria, a basic principle of all cured meats.

Some fish are given a second cure after the initial salting to add additional flavors. Recipes for this second cure are often proprietary secrets, but they typically include sugar in some form; like salt, sugar both draws moisture out of and absorbs into the fish. After curing, the fish is rinsed to remove the salt and other curing ingredients from the surface, then allowed to dry in cool flowing air until a shiny, slightly tacky skin (pellicle) forms on the surface. The pellicle serves several functions: it provides an ideal surface for the smoke flavor to adhere, it helps seal in the remaining moisture through the smoking process, and it prevents the fats in the fish from rising to the surface and spoiling.

The actual smoking takes place inside a chamber filled with smoke from smoldering hardwood. Cheena uses  alder wood chips. During the cold-smoking, the fish is slowly smoked for several hours at low temperatures so it remains especially moist and tender. For Retort Smoked Salmon, after the same preparation as cold smoking, the fillets are placed in a gold pouch and "cooked" at high temperature and hot smoked in its own juice.

Cheena Smoked Salmon uses no additives, preservatives or coloring agents. Salt and smoke are the only ingredients used in our finished product. Just lightly cured, tender, and moist, Cheena Smoked Salmon is out of this world!

On receiving your Cheena Lox Smoked Salmon open the presentation box and examine the vacuum packed pouch and check to see that it is airtight and sealed completely. Once you are satisfied of the condition of the smoked salmon, place it in a refrigerator at a temperature between 0 and 4 degrees. Smoked Salmon will last for about 7 days in your refrigerator once the vacuum pouch has been opened but it is best eaten within a couple days of opening. If you decide you want to store it for later consumption, store the salmon in the freezer in its original vacuum pouch which will last between 6 to 9 months depending on the temperature of your freezer. If you want to only have a portion of the smoked salmon, remove the remaining portion you want to store and wrap it tightly with plastic food wrap and then enclose it in a Zip-Lock bag. This will prevent the salmon  from drying out and allows it to be stored for about 3 months.


Cheena's retort smoked salmon is processed slightly different from our lox smoked salmon. After hand filleting, bringing and traditionally cold smoked for 8 to 10 hours, the carefully selected salmon is placed in a gold foil pouch and hot smoked or "cooked" for about 3 hours in its own natural juices. This product is truly unique in process and taste. There are no additives, preservatives or coloring agents used. This product is high in protein, low in cholesterol and rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids. And it tastes great!

Please enjoy this world-class delicacy by simply opening the foil pouch, drain and reserve the natural juices and carefully slide the fillet onto a platter. Garnish it with parsley, capers, lemon and onion slices; put on bread crackers; or use your imagination by using it over pasta, in salads, sandwiches or pates... An unopened pouch will keep for 3 years at room temperature which obviously makes it great for travel.

Cheena Smoked Sockeye, King and Pink Salmon are made with premium raw material, rich in color and natural oils. This product is simply smoked and lightly salted using sea salt before being sealed and cooked in its own natural juice.

Maple Glazed Retort Smoked Salmon is made by adding a small amount of pure Canadian maple syrup to the fillet of smoked salmon just before it is sealed and cooked.

Double Smoked Maple Glazed Indian Candy Retort, made by the same process but a small amount of pure Canadian maple syrup is added to the fillet of smoked salmon just before it is sealed and cooked. Based on a traditional food of Canada's West Coast aboriginal people, the resulting flavor has a slightly sweet edge with a mild maple finish.

This 100% natural fillet of smoked salmon is cooked and ready to serve. Unopened and undamaged it will keep without refrigeration for about 3 years.