West Coast Style Smoked Salmon

  • Maple Glazed Peppered Candied Smoked Salmon 150g

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    A combination of sweet and smoky, this West Coast style of candied smoked salmon is simply delicious! Maple syrup has been added and the salmon is lightly peppered before the multi-step smoking process using only natural wood smoke.

  • Double Smoked Maple Glazed King Salmon 150g

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    Bite-size portions of salmon are brined and marinated for 2 days in a proprietary recipe using maple syrup, brown sugar and spices. The portions are then cold-smoked for about 18 hours before being hot smoked for another 2-3 hours. The nuggets are boneless and skinless so enjoy as is or add to pasta or salads.

  • Traditional Double Smoked Salmon Soft Jerky 150g

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    Sweet and chewy, these strips of double smoked soft jerky are made using a proprietary process (cold smoked, cured and then hot smoked) based on a traditional First Nations recipe. Enjoy this special smoky treat as a healthy snack or serve it to your party guests as a unique appetizer!