Amare Glacial Clay

  • Glacial Clay Mask in gift box 90g

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    Known as “Miracle Clay”, a facial masque of natural clay is finer than the mist of fog with particles smaller than 0.001 of a millimeter. As a result, clay from Northern B.C. is more reactive than common clay of coarser form penetrating deep into the layers of the skin. It hermetically seals the skin with its microscopic particle elements. Natural circulation brings all necessary nutrients and cell-regenerating oxygen to the surface and feeds the skin from within.

  • Glacial Clay Cleanser in gift box 250ml

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    Glacial Clay Cleanser purifies as it gently cleanses away dirt, grime and impurities from the pores of your skin. Rich in natural emollients, and fortified with the nutrients responsible for radiant, healthy skin, this cleanser protects your skin against everyday environmental pollutants, and harmful bacteria.

  • Glacial Anti-aging Ocean Secret Cream in gift box 50ml

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    A high-performance, advanced moisturizer aiming to dramatically reduce signs of aging. With a unique and progressive blend of science’s most promising age-defying ingredients and mineral rich glacial water, this product is an all-natural breakthrough in cosmetic health. You no longer have to live with fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness or dry and irritated skin. Helps reveal the true beauty of your skin and keep your complexion smoother and radiant.

  • Glacial Hydrating Collagen Rejuvenator in gift box 30ml

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    Inspired by the skin’s own support network, the Rejuvenator’s technology provides firming benefits with intense lifting that lasts throughout the day. At the same time, the breakthrough oligopeptide helps to re-bundle collagen. Facial contours are visibly lifted, as if repositioned, revealing a youthful look. Enriched with minerals from Canadian glacial water and the use of natural ingredients to recover the epidermal balance of moisture for healthy, radiant skin and to defend against further damage from harmful elements in the environment.

  • Glacial Collagen Eye Serum in gift box 15ml

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    This light and dynamic serum has been specially formulated using Canadian glacial water, rich in minerals in combination with precious ingredients for the delicate eye area, to help counteract any dullness and puffiness. The eye area is left feeling rehydrated and rejuvenated.