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  • Organic Maple Syrup Leone Glass Jar (Grade A Golden, Delicate Taste) 250ml

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    Our organic maple syrup is Certified Organic by Quality Assurance International and HACCP Certified for Quality Control. This means the farm and bottling plant are inspected annually and must meet strict guidelines, such as no pesticide use, for organic certification. All labeling must be approved by QAI and all syrup is batch coded for organic audit control.

  • Organic Maple Syrup Nouveau Glass Jar & Gift Box (Limited Edition, Grade A Golden, Delicate Taste) 250ml

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    Enjoy this unique maple syrup also called “First Tap”. After the initial piercing of the tree, the sap is allowed to run freely and is then collected. This concentrated sap is immediately boiled in our large evaporators, bottled then labeled all in the first day of the maple crop season. Each bottle receives its own number from the total limited amount that is collected on that first day to show its authenticity. “First Tap” Maple Syrup can only be Grade A Golden, Delicate Taste. This maple syrup has also been certified organic by QAI.

  • Organic Maple Butter Glass Jar 160g

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    Smooth and creamy maple butter made from 100% pure organic maple syrup. This product contains no butter, but we call it that because it spreads like butter!

  • Organic Maple Sugar Boxed 100g

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    Made with 100%pure maple syrup. The perfect natural sweetener!

  • Organic Maple Sugar Boxed 500g

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    Made with 100% pure maple syrup. The perfect natural sweetener!