Canadian Wild Bone-in Sockeye Salmon 180g

Canadian Wild Bone-in Sockeye Salmon 180g


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Description :

Cheena’s canned pull-top wild sockeye salmon is made up of hand-packed meat and bones and is full of natural nutrients. The diet of sockeye salmon from the Pacific Northwest consists of krill and phytoplankton, and  (which) provides a rich source of iron, selenium, vitamins A, B and D and omega 3, 6 and 9. Through our canning process, the bones become very soft which then blend into the meat making it edible and easily digested. This is a very nutritious meal rich in protein and bone-building calcium (there is over 2000mg of calcium per can). Salt is not added to this product.


  • Canadian caught, Canadian made
  • Packed by hand
  • No salt added
  • Contains 60% salmon bones, 40% salmon meat
  • Contains omega 3,6,9
  • Rich in protein
  • Over 2000mg of Calcium per can
  • Easy to open pull-top

*This product is not smoked.

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