Gulf Islands Black Charcoal Sea Salt 45g

Gulf Islands Black Charcoal Sea Salt 45g

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NEW PRODUCT! A beautiful gourmet sea salt. Our Black Charcoal Sea Salt from the Gulf islands is considered a fine finishing sea salt and will enhance the flavours of any dish.


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Our black charcoal sea salt is inspired by the natural pristine waters surrounding the Gulf Islands of British Columbia. We carefully filter the sea water of impurities and then hand harvest the thin layer of sea salt flakes that form on the surface of the water during the evaporation process.  The sea salt is then infused with activated charcoal. As a result, the salt has a beautiful black hue.  Considered a fine finishing sea salt, it is much more than ordinary seasoning. It is a gourmet garnish or condiment. We suggest sprinkling the snow-like crystals on your dish for the final culinary touch. Our black charcoal sea salt will enhance the flavours of any dish.


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